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Removal of Oxygen

99.9 %

Our standard system supports 400 | 800 | 1200 m³/d

Custom amounts are made upon request

No Addition of Chemicals

No anti-foaming

Doesn't need pumping equipment

Developed for different concentrations of O2 and any de-mineralized water flow


Innovation | Design | Functionality | Quality


Low Energy Consumption

ZERO H2S™, integrated with hydrophobic hollow fiber membranes, modular with minimal pressure drop, high removal efficiency, applicable to compact and low power consumption systems.


The water supply permeated by a reverse osmosis system allows us to guarantee the membranes for 3 years, however it is estimated that the lifespan of the membranes may be longer.

Automatic System

ZERO H2S™ chemical dosing lines are automatically controlled by sensors that send the signal to a controller that processes the operation.

Industry Guidelines

ZERO H2S™ adheres to the most modern and demanding guidelines in the industry which provides operational advantages.

Manufacturing Practices

The system complies with all local and international standards of good manufacturing practices

Tech Support

Advice and technical support of Industrias Osmosistemas, S.A. de C.V. with the support of more than 25 years of experience.


ZERO H2S™, assembled in T-304 stainless steel skid so there will be no deterioration or oxidation.

Outdated Alternatives

Image by Alex Kondratiev

Vacuum Tower

  • 90% removal

  • No Response to flow changes

  • High energy consumption

  • Inconsistency in operation

  • Higher operating cost

  • More space and dedicated civil work

  • Requires chemicals

  • Pollutes

Chemical Products

  • Unreliable process that does not reach the initial levels of removal

  • High investment cost

  • High maintenance cost

  • Generates waste to the environment

  • Obsolete technology

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